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1、Is very sweet, very bitter, and that is love.(很甜、很苦,那就是爱情。)2、Li Tao. As if occ


  1、Is very sweet, very bitter, and that is love.(很甜、很苦,那就是爱情。)

  2、Li Tao. As if occupies my entire heart to your love


  4、Does not belong to me, I will let go 。

  5、I love you too much Can you feel?

  6、-My heart will always follow you。ζ

  7、To love is to risk not being loved in return 要爱,就要冒着不被爱的危险。

  8、It is who first about love /Finally is who go first

  9、(★)flower fecundity, start a poem!

  10、Man Always Remember Love, Becourse Of Romance Only 男人总是因为浪漫而记住爱情

  11、◣\如此简单 make love 后 say good bye/~↘

  12、Miss you, like sunflowers miss the sun. (很想念你,就像向日葵想念太阳。)

  13、就算是 Lover 最后还是会 oveR,ヽ。

  14、To blossom blue is to blossom without you.

  15、生命如花,爱情是蜜(Life is the flower for which love is the honey)

  16、not know what to do ?

  17、Dont Leave Me Here

  18、Recalled before, cry a little bit sorry for some happiness

  19、I can see the colour of the rainbow.. 我可以看見彩虹的顏色。

  20、Somehow I will show you that you are my night sky.

  21、The darkness is no darkness with thee. 有了你,黑暗不在是黑暗,

  22、C. Dont let others have you (不想让别人拥有你)

  23、ˋ★☆、World Cup Argentina - - 。 ╮

  24、Dear, please stay with me until we get old

  25、Love is a kind of poison.(爱情,是一种毒药。)

  26、Not pretend to be silent but have no strength to complain.

  27、Well maby Two is better than one,I need you now.

  28、生日快乐 ,我对自己说 。Happy birthday to me /

  29、get out my oheart 你這個不甘寂寞的男人

  30、Accustomed, one day.(已经习惯了,一个人的日子。)

  31、love you。。。Can you believe it??

  32、℡ 、I am a schoolgirl cute girl ╰﹀(我是女生可爱的女生∞)

  33、℡ 、Promises much is just a lie(承诺太多也只是骗人的)

  34、My tears, my grief it can only prove

  35、I want to forget everything 。 关于你,到此为止。

  36、I can't let you go 我舍不得你走,还带着我的爱。

  37、Dont dominate my future. (不要主宰我的未来。)

  38、Love the way you lie ╰╮ (连你的谎言都爱)

  39、What the fuck have you done lately?

  40、Just like the sunflower proud alive . (像向日葵一样骄傲地活着。)