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1、I am not the sly fox ,希望你知道.2、I’m fine, thanks for not asking.我很好。谢谢你的忽略。3、Let


  1、I am not the sly fox ,希望你知道.

  2、I'm fine, thanks for not asking.我很好。谢谢你的忽略。

  3、Let I have been watching over him until the end of life(就让我一直守护着他,直到生命结束)

  4、No one should be sad for him and then I went to(没有谁 值得我去再为他伤心)

  5、Often hit has never been hit 。(经常被打击,从未被打到)

  6、Eyes for you, raining but their heart is for you an umbrella

  7、Wayward finally, who will pay for me!

  8、One day I will shine elegant (终有一天我将绽放优雅)

  9、Wealth is best known by want. 人穷方知钱可贵。

  10、One day I will shine elegant (终有一天我将绽放优雅)

  11、Wealth is best known by want. 人穷方知钱可贵。

  12、I need a boy frined. 简单的一句话说出了我的心声。

  13、I hope I can depend on bed with you every day 我希望每天都能和你一起赖床

  14、A secret makes a woman woman 女人因秘密而美丽

  15、I never want to be without you。

  16、The most known person,the warmest partner 最懂的人,最暖的伴。

  17、i will be waitting for you 这句话我还可以说给谁听。

  18、As is our confidence, so is our capacity. 人有多自信,能力就能有多大。

  19、Wish everyone of you Merry Christmas °

  20、Waiting for your concern, until I shut the Heart

  21、I want to be with you. 若相惜 永不弃。

  22、just want to say - no one knows what i am thinking

  23、No words are necessary between two loving hearts.

  24、If I see you next to never,how can we say forever.

  25、- I love money so so much,

  26、We believe, our future.(我们相信、我们的未来。)

  27、C. Go with you in this life (这辈子和你一起走)

  28、__________Fate/stay night Unlimited

  29、ChenTian Christine 你若爱看雪、我便爱看雪。

  30、- Please do not take my sunshine away。

  31、Memories of the clear smile.(回忆里清澈的笑容)

  32、you are always my baby 听到海的声音。

  33、Fee1My Word 怎样爱你才好。

  34、好多不经意的时刻都会觉得, You are my sun shine,你是我的阳光


  36、有生之年, 峩都會叫沵親愛的。my love

  37、About us, I really had intentions

  38、ZQ、 I care about you more than care about myself .

  39、You Are My Sunshine Boy 未情窦初开 却相濡以沫

  40、My man ‘ {hsl} … 伱__ 敢天長 , 我__ 就敢地久./