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精选24句英文伤感个性签名,下面给大家精选了24句英文伤感个性签名,喜欢的朋友可以看一下! 1. One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.一次痛彻心扉的经历,抵得上千百次的告诫。 2. We used to love each o。



  1. One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.一次痛彻心扉的经历,抵得上千百次的告诫。

  2. We used to love each other,at the thought of which my heart breaks.我们曾相爱,想到就心酸。

  3. Trust is like a paper, once its crumpled, it cant be perfect again.信任就像一张纸, 一旦被揉皱了,再也不可能完美。

  4. Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.彼此相爱就是幸福。如此简单,如此难。

  5. You will never understand love if you are always sane.永远那么理智,就永远不会懂得爱情了。

  6. the supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.生活中最大的幸福就是,坚信有人爱着我们。

  7. Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know.有时候,虽然能想明白,但心里就是接受不了。

  8. Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.如果你对自己不满意,你也不会对你所拥有的感到满意。

  9. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.--Beverly Sills任何值得去的地方,都没有捷径。

  10. Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.永远不要剥夺别人的希望,也许那是他们唯一所有。

  11. It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow.最痛的,不是离别,而是离别后的回忆。

  12. I don't know what to say...I'm just thinking of you a lot at this moment.我不知道该说什么,我只是突然在这一刻,很想你。

  13. You can't be wise and in love at the same time.-Bob Dylan。陷入情网的人是无法理智的。

  14. Love isnt complicated , people are.爱并不复杂,复杂的是人。

  15. You can't expect him to be perfect..nobody is.别期待他是完美的。。没人是完美的。

  16. First i need your hand ,then forever can begin.我需要牵着你的手,才能告诉你什么是永远。

  17. I want to be his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye.我要成为他最心动的相遇,最不舍的离别。

  18. Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.与其伤心回忆,不如微笑遗忘。

  19. Dont let me go. Dont say goodbye. Dont let this love die.不要松开我的手。不要对我说再见。不要让这场爱散场。

  20. If we fell in love again I swear I'd love you right.如果可以再相爱一次,我发誓一定用合适的方式来爱你。

  21. Memories can make you smile, but it can very well make you cry hard.回忆,有时令你嘴角上扬,有时也能让你潸然泪下。

  22. The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.真正富有的人,是那些懂得享受自己所拥有的人。

  23. Its ridiculous how much I freaking miss you.该死的思念,想你想得令人发指。

  24. The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till they have fallen.爱情就像闪电:你无法预知何时何地它将降临。