2019年11月29日 心情语录 知道吗?那个人出现在你梦中,是因为那个人想见你已关闭评论

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and


Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.- Groucho Marx昨日已逝,明日未至。我就只有一天,今天,我要开心的过好这一天。

You know what?It is because someone wanna see you when that guy was in your dream.—— 知道吗?那个人出现在你梦中,是因为那个人想见你。

Sometimes when I say "I'm okay",I want someone to look me in the eyes,hug me tight and say,"I know you are not". 有时候,我说“我还好”,其实我多希望有人能看着我的眼睛,抱紧我,说:我知道你不是。”

I'm doing okay, not great, not amazing, not horrible, just okay. And that is okay. 我过得还可以, 不好不坏,不惊不喜,一切只是还可以。这样的生活我觉得也挺好。

Acting as if nothing borne in mind is the best revenge.It's all for myself to live better. 若无其事,原来是最狠的报复

Sometimes you have to let things go, so there's room for better things to come into your life. 有时你要学会放手,这样才有空间让更好的事物进入你的生活。

Something you will realize only when you do it,when you make mistakes or when you grow up. 有些事,做了才知道。有些事,错了才知道。有些事,长大了才知道

It’s sad to think you’ll never be mine, it’s even sadder to realize I knew it all this time. ~~~ 一想起你将不再属于我,我就很悲伤。更悲伤的是,我一直以来就知道会有这个结果。

Smile though your heart is aching. Smile even though it's breaking. 尽管心痛甚至心碎也要微笑。

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices. ~~~决定我们成为什么样人的,不是我们的能力,而是我们的选择。